Preble County District Library

West Elkton Library

The mission of the West Elkton Library is to provide materials and computers. The library will also provide information about upcoming events planned in the community and all library locations.

West Elkton libarary

135 N. Main St. P.O. Box 100
Town Hall, West Elkton, Ohio, 45070
Phone: (937) 787-4873 Fax: (937) 787-3153


Monday & Wednesday & Thursday: 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.


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A Book Club was organized in West Elkton about 1935 and as a result, the members felt the need for creating a library. The West Elkton Library was organized December 22, 1938. Mayor George Kirk appointed Mrs. Lora Stubbs, Alice Edgar, Annie Graves, Margaret Ferst and Elsie Branson as members of the Library Board. The library was open one-half day a week. The first librarian, Alice Edgar, was paid 50 cents per week.

The library was housed in various rooms in the village before moving to the school building. School librarian Martha Jo Roberts filled the roll of public librarian after school hours.

In 1959, the library helped form the Preble County District Library system. That year, the West Elkton Branch owned 2,817 books and had a circulation of 1,021 items.

A fire in the West Elkton school in 1973 ended the library. After renovation, no fitting location could be found.

In 1984, Salli Bair Corrington spearheaded a resurrection of the library through a newly formed Friends of the Library. The Friends solicited and received shelving, furniture, books and space in the Town Hall for a library. The following year the West Elkton Library Station opened two days a week. Friends members volunteered to work as librarian. The Preble County District Library provided training, new books and utilities.

In 1986 the West Elkton Branch was reborn and now is open three days a week.

Librarians include: Alice Edgar 1938-19??; Martha Jo Roberts 19??- 1973; Friends of the Library 1985-1986; Mrs. Brenda Phillabaum 1986-2000; Mrs. Kim Keith 2000-2001; Mrs. Linda Carter 2001-2003; Ms. Mickie Gayhart 2003-