About Us


Preble County District Library: Helping You Connect to the World.

Board of Trustees:

Ms. Anne Grim, President

Mrs. Janice Pearce, Vice President

Mrs. Karen Showalter

Mr. Harry V. White, Jr

Mrs. Susan Langley

Mrs. Debra Crumbaker

Mr. Curt McNew

Board Meetings:

April 27, 2020 Regular Board Meeting
April 3, 2020 Special Board Meeting

Qualities Expected of the Board of Trustees Policy

  • The Board of Trustees works as a team bringing special skills and community representation to the Board discussions and policy making.
  • A Trustee must place the Preble County District Library's interest above any self-interest or particular branch or partisan group.
  • The Trustees are expected to act fairly and independently to further the American Library Association's Bill of Rights and advances the best interest of the Preble County District Library.
  • Trustees must evidence the qualities of team players that further the effective working of the entire Board and therefore the library as a whole.

Board Meeting Schedule: 2022

Annual Report: 2020

Strategic Plan: 2018-2022


Lauren Robinson, Director  (937) 456-4250
Tammy Line, Fiscal Officer (937) 456-4250
Mickie Gayhart, Administrative Assistant (937) 456-4250
Kirstin Weaver, Marketing Coordinator (937) 683-6937
Cheryl Richter, Print Media Specialist (937) 456-4250
Emily Hackett, Head of Reference Department (937) 456-5562
Diane Knaff, Head Cataloger (937) 456-4571
Jack Wolf, Network Administrator (937) 456-4250
Paula Byers, Collection Development Librarian (937) 456-2233
Danita Cook, Outreach Librarian (937) 456-4376
Caleb Fecher, Maintenance (937) 456-4250
Sarah Tozier, Head of Youth Department (937) 456-5478
Sarah Tozier, Eaton Branch Manager (937) 456-4331
Toni Keesler, Camden Branch Head Librarian (937) 452-3142
Anna Garey, Eldorado Branch Librarian (937) 273-4933
Lisa Stall, New Paris Head Librarian (937) 437-7242
Angie Getter, Preble County Room Supervisor, Volunteer Coordinator (937) 456-4970
Michelle Laughlin, West Alexandria Head Librarian (937) 533-4095
Leyna Richison, West Elkton Head Librarian (937) 787-4873
Anna Garey, West Manchester Head Librarian (937) 678-8503