Library Announces COVID-19 Archival Project

Library Announces COVID-19 Archival Project

INTRO: Life has drastically changed for all of us since the start of the New Year. With the Coronavirus pandemic changing our lives on a daily basis, we have been forced to make changes to our everyday lives in order to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy.


WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT? The Preble County District Library is asking the community to share their stories, pictures, experiences, and more of their life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Pictures of signs, inside of stores, special events, community events, etc. and anything similar pertaining to COVID-19 in Preble County is the primary focus of this project. The archival project is not limited to just pictures; journal entries and diary entries of Preble County citizens are also a fantastic addition to our project as well as recipes, first-hand stories, screen shots of social media posts, captures of classroom work given online, daily schedules of parents working from home, or even videos or recordings of events, classes, etc. from the community that show changes in society.

Submissions will be accepted online and may be added to a physical book, which will be made available for the public to view at the Preble County Genealogy Room. Participants have the option of uploading photos, written stories, and/or audio recordings of up to 30 minutes in length. Submissions can also be submitted on paper.


Send in your submissions here:

Download the paper form here:


NOTE: We reserve the right to not include submissions which we deem inappropriate or otherwise offensive or unconducive to the purpose of this project. 

QUESTIONS? Questions should be directed to the Preble County Genealogy Room at (937) 456-4970 or PC Room staff are happy to offer more information and answer any questions Mon-Thu 9a-5p, Fri 9a-3p.


WRITING PROMPTS: You’ll find example writing prompts for journal entries below. You do not have to use our prompts – we prefer to hear your thoughts as they were at the time of your writing. However, please feel free to use them if needed.

  • Since we began sheltering at home, what has changed in your daily life?
  • During sheltering at home, what have you been doing to keep busy?
  • Have you come up with any unique recipes?
  • Have you taken any photographs while out and about?