Volunteers and Friends of the Library Policy & Procedure

Revised: 5/2009

The Library Board encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in the service of the Preble County District Library. In appreciation of volunteer services, the Library acknowledges the need to organize volunteer activities and provide for appropriate recognition befitting the benefit to the library and the communities it serves.

Annual recognition will be given based on the number of hours of service.

A library Friends group is a formal association of people who unite to plan and execute, in conjunction with library goals and the needs of the library director, programs and events to benefit the library. In particular, a Friends group is often heavily involved in fund-raising for the library and often oversees periodic book sales. Friends groups always serve at the pleasure of the library board which is the only body with legal authority to set policy for the development of the library.

Procedures for Hiring Volunteers

Prospective volunteers should fill out a blue card or submit an online application.

Branch Librarian and staff should take a look at the application and decide if they want the coordinator to contact the applicant. If yes, forward application to the Coordinator.

After Coordinator receives the application it will be forwarded to the Director for a background check. This does not apply to students.

Once an applicant has been cleared, the Coordinator will contact them for an interview. At this interview the coordinator will go over the "Volunteer packet" with the volunteer.

After the interview process has been completed the volunteer is sent back to the branch and to meet with the Branch Librarian. It is up to the Branch Librarian to set up the hours and training for the volunteer.

Each volunteer will have two volunteer time sheets in their packet to get them started. (Please make them a new sheet each month). Be sure to have the volunteer fill out their time sheet each time they work. At the end of the month, the Branch Librarian will sign the time sheet and forward a copy to the Coordinator to be filed. Be sure to include the name and number of hours worked, for each volunteer, on your monthly branch report.

If at any time you feel the volunteer isn't working out you are free to let them know you no longer need their services. Remember, if properly trained, volunteers can be great help to you.

Procedures for Volunteer Recognition

Each year in April, per Board policy, we recognize our volunteers that have helped us over the last year. The Director and Volunteer Coordinator depend on the Branch Librarians to give us the names and hours your each volunteer has worked.. Please be sure that anyone who volunteers in your library is included in the Branch Monthly Activity Reports.

Below will be the standard for our recognition:

  • 0-5 hours a month will receive a certificate
  • Over 5 hours a month will receive a certificate and a small gift